The children we care for are directly impacted by your giving. Each sponsorship dollar is maximized to holistically care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the child. You will be given exclusive access that will allow you to share pictures, correspond, and engage with other sponsors and the children you are sponsoring.

Our Story

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Without family or home, a Kenyan orphan is often destined for a life in the slums. A hungry, dirty, seemingly hopeless life.

In 2004, intense poverty, sickness, and hopelessness of Kenyan slums shocked two visiting American families. This despair left the families searching for ways to save these orphaned children—only the solution didn’t lie in redeeming the slums.

What would it look like to help
these vulnerable children before
they ever get to the slums?

This birthed Oasis for Orphans, a place of redemption!

Oasis for Orphans utilizes a unique model to develop kids in a holistic way

The program gives children hope and molds them into leaders in their communities and for the kingdom. Focusing on the 110,000 orphans in six counties in rural southwest Kenya, the holistic program centers around the physical, spiritual, educational, and social development of the children.

The mission places high value on children’s recognition of their worth and purpose as children of God.


orphans in six counties

Through a system of care centers, hundreds of children not only have a place to live and eat, but also learn, socialize, and develop. They have a name—an identity—not just a number.

This system tracks and measures holistic care to produce reports on both the children and centers. Every child has goals to help them reach their full potential. Actual data shows improvements in areas like education levels.

By addressing the full needs of the children we promote real change in their lives.

The first care center, the Hill, rescued 11 children from lives in the slums. Of those, four went on to study at university—three of whom are women.


Today, Oasis for Orphans cares for 200 orphans in care centers with hopes of rescuing even more.

This birthed Oasis for Orphans, a place of redemption!

But we can’t tell this story without
the sponsorship program,
the heartbeat of the organization.

Sponsors do more than financially support a child — they build relationships through channels like letter writing and development updates. Sponsors help promote holistic support for children learning to walk in their own identities in Christ and his kingdom.