The children we care for are directly impacted by your giving. Each sponsorship dollar is maximized to holistically care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the child. You will be given exclusive access that will allow you to share pictures, correspond, and engage with other sponsors and the children you are sponsoring.
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Our approach

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Oasis For Orphans > Our approach

Holistic Development

The Oasis holistic development plan concentrates on four key elements – physical, spiritual, educational and social. Our goal is to understand, measure, and mature every child in these areas.

Physical Development

Undernutrition contributes to an estimated one-third of all deaths to children under 5*. The children at our sites receive nutritious meals, ongoing medical check-ups, vaccinations, and screenings to ensure healthy growth. They also learn the importance of daily hygienic practices, disease prevention and counseling, if affected by HIV/AIDS.


Educational Development

Under the poverty line of $1.25 a week, the children coming to our sites cannot afford school.   Children are given the vital opportunity to attend primary, secondary, college and/or vocational school. They participate in daily interactive learning activities, receive tutoring and intentional preparation for their future.

Spiritual Development

We pray that every child is transformed by the love of God, therefore impacting his or her community and the world. An intimate relationship with God is cultivated through Biblical curriculums, daily devotions, scripture memory and serving others.

Social Development

We see a day when all children grow to become well-adjusted leaders in their homes, bringing positive change to their communities. Children receive consistent care and counsel so they’re able to process and overcome past hurts and current struggles that may have otherwise hindered their development.