The children we care for are directly impacted by your giving. Each sponsorship dollar is maximized to holistically care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the child. You will be given exclusive access that will allow you to share pictures, correspond, and engage with other sponsors and the children you are sponsoring.

Holistic Development

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Oasis provides a holistic care approach for orphaned children, which focuses  on four key areas, including physical, spiritual, educational, and social development. With a strong emphasis on education, Oasis tracks and measures the progress of each child in our care.

Education provides opportunity for the future.


Statistics show that one extra year of schooling increases an individual’s earnings by up to 10%.* Education provides opportunity, but the children who come to our sites often cannot afford school because they live under the poverty line of $1.25 a week. At Oasis, we emphasize the importance of education and provide every child with the opportunity to attend school, whether primary, secondary, college, and/or vocational training. Children also participate in daily interactive learning activities, receive tutoring, and are guided to intentionally prepare for their future through educational development.

*From Global Partnership for Education

Meeting physical needs ensures healthy growth.

Each year more than 7 million children under 5 die from preventable and treatable medical conditions like pneumonia and malaria, and undernutrition contributes to more than ⅓ of all deaths.* Medical care, including dental, and nutrition are a basic human right and Oasis ensures that the children at our site receive both through nutritious meals, ongoing medical care, vaccinations, and preventative screenings to ensure healthy growth. Children are also taught basic hygiene practices and learn about disease prevention with the option to receive counseling if affected by HIV/AIDS.

* From World Health Organization

Spiritual development improves well-being.

Children and adolescents ages 6-19 who view religion as important have better overall and psychological health than their peers.* At Oasis, we value spiritual development and offer each child the opportunity to cultivate their faith through daily devotions, Biblical curriculum, and serving their communities in practical ways. We value cultivating a spirit of family, of faith, and of hope. Where a child was once made orphaned, we desire for each to walk as a confident son and daughter. By knowing they are loved, known, and full of purpose, each child can grow up to become someone who loves well–becoming the transition person in their family line.

* From a report on religion and child health by IZA

Social development impacts long-term success.


In a report that tracked long-term outcomes of children from kindergarten to age 25, results found that students with strong social skills, like cooperation, listening, and helping classmates, were predictors of future success.* Oasis provides opportunities for children to socialize in the classroom setting and out in their communities. Teachers and adult caregivers offer guidance and counsel to strengthen each child’s interpersonal skills with the goal of helping them grow into well-rounded leaders who bring positive change to their communities.

* From a study by Damon Jones of Penn State University