The children we care for are directly impacted by your giving. Each sponsorship dollar is maximized to holistically care for the spiritual, physical and emotional needs of the child. You will be given exclusive access that will allow you to share pictures, correspond, and engage with other sponsors and the children you are sponsoring.

Short Term trips

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Oasis For Orphans > Join our story > Short Term trips

Would you like to go to Kenya with Oasis?  Each of our short-term trips focus on an aspect of our Holistic Development approach:

  • Educational Development
  • Physical Development (Medical, Dental, etc)
  • Social Development
  • Spiritual Development

Our trips are designed to give people an opportunity to engage directly with orphaned children and the communities that support them. Over the years we have seen these interactions draw people to a greater understanding of God’s compassion that extends long beyond the dates of the trip.  Our hope is that the same will be true for you.

May 2017 |  Young Adults (ages 18-22)

You will have the unique opportunity to taste the hope and see the stories of redemption being lived out.  You will experience incredible depth by only going to one of our sites. As you form friendships through daily life and assist in educational and physical assessments and projects, you will feel the sense of family stirring in the air.  What would it look like for these children to become a part of your story?

Trip Closed Want to go in 2018?

Nov. 2017 | Spiritual Emphasis

November 24th – December 7th, 2017

There is a unique spirit at each of our sites. In the midst of very little, you will find a group of children who are mighty in JOY and abundant in HOPE.  You will come to know their stories of redemption and hope. You will build relationships through games, teachings, and VBS-type devotions. Your team will focus on the primary aged kids at each site, which includes Grades 1 – 8.  Come be a part of their story, but more importantly, let them become a part of your story!

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Apr. 2018 | Spiritual Emphasis

April 23rd – May 4th, 2018

In the Spring, the high school students in our program have a break from their boarding schools. We will utilize this team to help bring a jam-packed time of diving deep into what the Lord is doing and saying in each of the HS students. You will be taken back by the students pulling on your heartstrings.  Each student has a unique story and destiny. We look forward to seeing how their lives change you for the better. You will never be the same again!

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